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Temperature, rain, snow, fog and wind are all part of weather. Severe weather events such as tornadoes, tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, lightning strikes and extreme weather affect us all. In addition to weather forecasts are ozone levels, changing climate conditions and solar winds. Weather warnings are important forecasts because they are used to protect life and property. People use weather forecasts to determine what to wear on a given day or to plan travel or events. Since outdoor activities are severely curtailed by heavy rain, snow and the wind chill, forecasts can be used to plan activities around these events, and to plan ahead and survive them. The climate is the common, average weather conditions at a particular place over a long period of time. Weather history and weather records and averages are used to determine the climate of a particular part of the world. It is the goal of to help plan for severe weather events using forecasts, weather radar, barometric pressure charts and storm tracking, in order to promote safety and save lives.