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It is the goal of to promote public safety and save lives using reliable weather forecasts, weather maps, and storm tracking.

Severe weather events such as a tornado, tropical storm, hurricane, cyclones, lightning strikes and extreme weather affect us all.

Since travel and outdoor activities are severely curtailed by heavy rain, snow, hail or fog, weather warnings can be very useful insuring the safety of human life.

The tropical cyclone forecasts presented at this site are intended to convey only general information on current storms and must not be used to make life or death decisions or decisions relating to the protection of property. If you are in the path of a storm you should be following official local weather sources for your area.

Climate is the common, average weather conditions at a particular place over a long period of time.  In addition to weather forecasts are ozone levels, changing climate conditions, global warming, El nino, and solar winds.

Weather history and weather records and averages are used to determine the climate of a particular part of the world on a certain day in history or  average over the course of many years of recorded weather history.

The accuracy or reliability of the weather forecasts not guaranteed and the providers disclaim liability of any kind, including, without limitation, liability for quality, performance and fitness  for a particular purpose arising out of the use, or inability to use the forecast.



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