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This book is a stunning breakthrough in the understanding of weather, which takes the field of meteorology out of the "dark ages" into the "mainstream" of 20th century science. Nevertheless, it is written at a level that can be understood by most high school science students, since the explanations are based on old, well-established scientific principles.

A common surface weather map for an entire hemisphere is analyzed for a fixed moment in time, in such a manner as to show in stark simplicity the orderly arrangement and symmetry of storm centers (lows) and their associated centers of fair weather (highs). One hundred and ninety charts are drawn for a single instant of time in order to (1) lead the reader in easy stages through the various ramifications on the weather map and (2) to also present overwhelming proof of the procedures that are used. This book also gives a simplified explanation of why these strange configurations are formed and also indicates how they can be discovered on any weather map past, present or future.

Forecasting weather depends on the skill of the forecaster, who relies on EVERYTHING he/she knows about weather. Ignorance of the type of configurations shown in this book will result in the forecaster being blind-sided as to vortex interactions--which will inevitably affect the quality of any actual forecast for wind, rain, tornadoes, clouds, fog, and even dust devils, etc.


The Los Angeles Times writes (563KB graphic of paper) about Singer's Lock on July 10, 1997.
The University of Geneva, Switzerland , lists nineteen web sites under the category "Weather, Meteorology And Climate". They call these sites : "Links to Great Earth-Science Resources". Of the nineteen sites (all interesting), seven are given the top rate... three stars for content and three stars for quality of writing. One of these seven is The Revolution in the Understanding of Weather.


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